Recent footage of Zubby Michael and Ifedi Sharon playing high school lovers is generating buzz

A recent collaboration between Nollywood actors, Zubby Michael and Ifedi Sharon, on a film set has stirred up social media.

In a recent video shared on her social media, Sharon is seen wearing a striking yellow and green school uniform, Zubby is also seen in matching attire. Both were carrying school bags casually over their shoulders while engaging in lively conversation, awaiting the film director’s cue.

In another snippet of the video, Zubby Michael is featured in an action-packed scene taking place in a comfortable living room, along with several women. Right in this scene, Ifedi Sharon, who is playing Zubby’s high school girlfriend, is seen warmly hugging the actor as they confidently deliver their lines on set.

See the video below;

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Fans who saw the video were thrilled over the captivating moments whenever these two actors come together on a film set.

A sight of Zubby Michael in a school uniform had some fans laughing uncontrollably, leading to a myriad of entertaining reactions.

This follows Ifedi Sharon’s recent comments on the rumors about her romantic involvement with Zubby Michael.

The actress clarified certain misunderstandings about her relationship with the actor through her official TikTok profile.

In the popular ‘Amebo’ TikTok challenge, Sharon Ifedi refuted the widespread gossip about her supposed pregnancy and wedding to Zubby Michael.

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