Rivers crisis: Okocha speaks on Governor Fubara joining APC

The Chairman of the Interim Committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, Tony Okocha, has spoken on the possibility of Governor Siminalayi Fubara joining the party.

Speaking against the backdrop of the political crisis that engulfed the state and pitted Fubara against his predecessor, Nyesom Wike, Okocha said the issue over the Governor of Rivers State joining APC to rule peace is not a big issue but Fubara has not been sincere in his statements. the efforts to bring about peace in the state.

The Rivers APC chairman stated this position in response to a question on the chances that Fubara's dumping of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would bring peace to Rivers State.

He added that if Fubara were to join the APC, it would not be because he loves the party but because he wants to save his job.

Asked during an interview published by The Nation on Sunday whether Governor Fubara's accession to the APC would bring the desired peace to Rivers State, Okocha said: “I don't know what you mean by that and I don't know how to answer you. But if you look at it this way, Governor Fubara was the candidate of the PDP and his joining the APC is not the problem.

“The problem is that there is already fear in the relationship that seemed cordial, but was a lure and a kind of subterfuge. There is a plan to outsmart the other. It has created fear and if he joins the APC, what will he possibly say to the members of the State Assembly?”

Fubara Not sincere

Okocha Governor Fubara further spoke of insincerity in the implementation of the terms of the peace agreement brokered by President Bola Tinubu.

“Not only is he sincere, especially when it comes to the terms of the peace brokered by Mr. President. In the same breath he will reject and reject at the same time. He'll come out and say he's doing something, but behind it he'll be doing something completely different.

“For example, we know that he has resubmitted the names of the commissioners who have resigned, but we are also aware that he will not be in a hurry to swear them in. However, it is about the one who will hold him by the neck. to resubmit the budget. But as far as we are concerned, the state budget has not been presented.

“His disingenuous actions show that the matter will continue because he cannot run the state without a budget. And there is no budget in the eyes of the law. So if he joins the APC because he is afraid, it is not as if he wants to join but to save his job.

“His entry into APC, for me as chairman, is what I pray for. We want them to experience more crises so that we can populate our party. That was how they took advantage of APC in 2015. Some were anti-party, and others defected.”

It won't solve the problem

Okocha later added in his response that even if Governor Fubara decides to dump the PDP for the APC, it will not solve the problem in Rivers State because the governor has not shown enough sincerity and commitment in fulfilling his side of the peace deal brokered by Chairman Tinubu.

The Acting Chairman of the APC noted that for peace to prevail, Fubara must fulfill all the conditions of the peace agreement.

“It cannot be said that his joining the APC will solve the problem. It will not. What will solve the problem is that he must obey the dictates of that proclamation, which he willingly accepted in the presence of Mr. President.

“He made a statement that day thanking the president for his intervention. He promised to implement every part of the resolution. He even announced on another day that the proclamation document is not a death sentence. But the elders, weeping more than the relatives, said it was a death sentence.

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“He's the one financing them from behind. Therefore, to have relative and not absolute peace in Rivers State, the governor must show sincerity. Don't say one thing during the day and another at night. It won't work,” Okocha said.

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