Intense Fire Engulfs Bus Transporting Volta Student-Athletes for Interco in Akatsi

A transport bus with high school athletes on board incurred an accident in Akatsi of the Volta Region.

The communal bus of Akatsi Senior High Technical School was suddenly ablaze on the roadside, causing immense panic.

All aboard the bus, fortunately, came out unscathed. Source: Facebook/@GraphicOnline
Source: Facebook

As per current records, the accident resulted in zero casualties.

The fire completely annihilated belongings of students and their coaches.

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The bus, en route to the 47th Second Cycle Schools and Colleges Interzonal Sports Festivals in Sogakope with young athletes on board, met this unfortunate fate in Akatsi.

Students and coaches aboard represented the Lower Mid-South Zone.

The bus, under the proprietorship of the Akatsi Senior High Technical School, was reduced to ashes.

The cause behind the blaze is still under examination; however, it’s suspected the bus underwent a technical breakdown while nearing the Akatsi Agbedrafor junction and hence caught fire.

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