“She engaged in this deed completely aware of my hypertension condition” – As payback, straying husband is distraught when spouse is unfaithful

A husband, who was disloyal, shares his heartbreak online after he got a dose of his own unfaithful behavior when his wife betrayed him similar to how he did her.

The anonymous man took to a digital forum to vent to a social media content creator known as Nancy as he disclosed the unfortunate event.

He revealed he had an affair with another woman, and when his wife discovered this, she reciprocated the act, causing his blood pressure to rise.

He communicated his wife was fully aware of his health condition yet decided to undertake a course of action that she knew could exacerbate it.

He continued to lament, stating his breathing difficulties have heightened, yet his spouse shows no regret for her actions that have led to his health issues.

He shared that when he confronted his wife about her disloyal actions, she brazenly informed him that if she discovered him being unfaithful once more, she would retaliate by being unfaithful with a familiar acquaintance of his.

The man penned:

“Hello Nancy, I unwittingly strayed from my marriage. It’s unbelievable that she retaliated, fully aware of my hypertension.

She shows no signs of regret, she indicated every time she catches me cheating again, she would commit infidelity with someone I’m acquainted with. I’m not feeling well, my breathing is irregular. What can I do about her?”

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