“She got down on both knees to apologize without even defending herself” – Man Explains His Choice to Marry His Wife

a man on the social media platform, X shared the reason why he chose to marry him woman despite all the other competition from other women.

The US-based Nigerian teacher made this public on his account, @MTforChange, and shared the incident that confirmed his choice.

According to him, they met in college and one day he told her he didn't like what she was doing.

She immediately got down on both knees and apologized for the incident without even trying to explain or justify her actions.

In his words;

“We met at university. One day I can't even remember the details of the situation, but I said something along the lines of, “I don't like what you did this morning.”

She just sat up on her two knees to apologize. No arguing, no attempt to defend herself, not even asking what she did wrong first. Her reflex action at first was to apologize.

After that incident, I called my sisters to tell them that I had found my wife.”

See message below

Some reactions to the message

@anate20101 wrote: “I tell people that men know when they see a woman. It's not about pancakes all over your face or attack and defense packages.
Simple things like this attract men.”

@rookie_nda said: “Shikenan they are not going to marry me and my home girls 😂”

@brandwithtosin added: “The question is, is she still kneeling in front of you? The kneeling b4 marriage is sometimes reserved. The last time most women knelt before their husbands is the traditional engagement/reception. After that day, after “Honey, how far?”
When we do a survey, about 70% of marriages look like this.”

@Akuluouno wrote: “They don't make them like that anymore. It's as if being argumentative is one of the conditions for being a woman in today's society.”

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