“She didn’t stand up for her kids” – Yomi Fabiyi criticizes Iyabo Ojo concerning allegations that Naira Marley drugged her children

Yomi questioned the actress’s inaction despite her identity as a mother. He expressed curiosiwhy she allowed her older children to stay in his house

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has targeted his fellow actress Iyabo Ojo concerning her allegations that Naira Marley drugged her children.

Last week, Iyabo, one of those who advocated for the late singer Mohbad, claimed that Naira Marley tampered with her kids’ meals by adding narcotics during their visit.

She insisted that the singer maliciously fed narcotics to her two daughters, Priscilla and Festus, when they paid her a visit. She noted she had evidence to prove her accusations.

Yomi reacted with skepticism and wondered why, as a self-proclaimed mother, the actress didn’t confront the issue. He pondered over why she sent her older children to his residence.

Yomi voiced his suspicions that the film actress might have concocted the story to further implicate Naira Marley, pointing out that a responsible mother would not stay silent after such an incident involving their children.

Moreover, Yomi suggested that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency or NDLEA should carry out an investigation regarding her children.

“It baffles me why Iyabo allowed her grown children to stay in Naira Marley’s house to begin with. She claimed that Naira added drugs to their food while still maintaining her maternal persona. She didn’t stand up for her children then… it’s likely this whole story is a fabrication on her part to accuse Naira. Would her daughter be drug-tainted had she not been a user? What mother would let such an incident pass? The NDLEA and police are aware of her statement yet chose silence. How can our country improve? I anticipate the NDLEA will summon her to bring in her children for examination.”

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