A Man Critiques Eniola Badmus For Failing to Congratulate Davido And Chioma on Alleged Twins’ Arrival Despite Promptly Sharing News of Ifeanyi’s Demise

An indignant Nigerian individual highlighted his displeasure towards actress Eniola Badmus for not extending her congratulations to former pal and musician, Davido, upon the alleged birth of his twins.

Earlier this Tuesday, news circulated about a twin birth to Davido and his spouse Chioma, but official confirmation is yet to arrive. Davido amplified the speculation through references to his wife as “Mama Ibeji” (mother of twins) in his latest song, “In the Garden” featuring Morravey. He further hinted at this by twittering about the incoming best week of his existence.

Davido’s sibling, Adewale Adeleke, added credibility to the whispers with a tweet expressing gratitude to the divine.

Against this backdrop, an online user criticized Eniola Badmus for hastily revealing Ifeanyi’s death the previous year, yet remained silent on the twin’s arrival. He scolded the actress for exhibiting an inclination towards circulating negative news.

The user penned, “Dear Eniola Badmus, you promptly conveyed Ifeanyi’s passing yet you’ve shared nothing about Chioma and Davido’s newborn twins! Besides RIP and birthdays, be more loving.”

Interestingly, public figures often exhibit differing reactions to personal news which may not necessarily reflect their level of engagement or interest in one’s life events.

Amidst the controversy surrounding Eniola Badmus’s failure to extend her felicitations to Davido and Chioma on their alleged twin’s birth, several opinions were voiced on social networks.

While certain individuals stood up for Eniola Badmus, citing a possible reluctance to post caused due to potential backlash, others castigated her for what seemed to them as rudeness.

Supporter Queen Sexxy justified Eniola’s silence, asserting that posting about the twins would invite criticism and advised others to leave her alone.

Another user, Chizoba, denounced those voicing envious and malicious views in the comments.

Chizoba907 expressed hope that people don’t foster friendships with those who broadcast their woes but act invisibly during their achievements.

User D Real Olamzy responded with the insult “Ode,” a derogatory Yoruba term.

Amaka Nwrunk tagged the commentators as “evil people,” while Onyin Jacobs referred to them as “frenemies.”

The Etiwe Diamond Mua suggested that the backlash Eniola Badmus received upon Ifeanyi’s demise could have swayed her decision not to post about the twins.

Veekey Bassey pointed out the conspicuous absence of any posts about the twins even from Davido’s team.

User Cute Bee speculated that Eniola Badmus might not be in close terms with Davido anymore, hence she might be unaware of their life events.

Notably, Eniola Badmus was earlier condemned for cryptically announcing Ifeanyi’s death which resulted in a fallout with Davido and his family leading to her being unfollowed on Instagram. However, she surprised many by posting for Chioma’s birthday in April.

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