Shocked when groom cancels his wedding minutes to walk down the aisle, claiming he's not ready for marriage

The groom is reportedly canceling his wedding just minutes before he walks down the aisle with his bride, claiming he is no longer ready for marriage.

The incident was reported by a Facebook user identified as Longji Benshak, who shared the account and a photo of the alleged couple.

The alleged couple.

His story revealed that the man stood his bride upright while she was still applying makeup. According to Longji, he sent some of his relatives to break the news to the bride.

His reason for canceling the wedding was that he just realized that marriage is a serious matter and he was not ready for the seriousness of the commitment.

Longji wrote…

“Today is the supposed wedding day, but just as the bride was about to put on makeup, the groom's relatives and parents showed up to break the news to her that their son was no longer interested in the wedding.
(The reason for this was that he was not ready for marriage, because it is a serious matter, so he cannot pronounce the vow or build the marriage on a foundation. He was no longer ready for the seriousness of it all
The same groom was at the broadcast yesterday
Even if there was a wrong decision, why today, not like the bride did something wrong, ooo, he just ended it, he had weeks for all this
Just like that oh
He just woke up and decided he wasn't ready yet
Like ehnnn
For example, if the girl does something, I even say it
Just like that and it's canceled
He said he wishes her the best of luck in her future endeavors
I copy directly from my chat
After the pre-wedding photo, be this ooo… After Dem, be this👇👇👇👇”

See his message…

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