The sister-in-law of Mohbad reveals that since his passing, his family has been quarrelling over his possessions with his wife.

Notably, it has been a month since the sudden demise of celebrated artist Mohbad. Remembering him on this day of mourning, his sister-in-law took to her Instagram to share the feelings and thoughts she has since his passing. In an Instagram story, she posted her sentiments and contemplations for the world to see.

In her online post, she grieved over the unfortunate reality of Mohbad’s son, Liam, marking his half-year birthday a month after his father’s departure from this life. She further shared her hopes for Mohbad’s soul to find peace and consolation in the Divine as they deal with the grief of losing him.

A surprising piece of information was then disclosed in her Instagram Story. She announced that since Mohbad’s passing, his wife Wunmi, while constantly grieving and taking care of their son Liam, has been surrounded by familial conflicts over Mohbad’s belongings. She voiced her worries about the possibility of them resorting to the Internet to disparage Wunmi under the guise of indifference towards the late singer’s property.

The message from Mohbad’s sister-in-law concluded with a hopeful remark. According to her, Wunmi will eventually speak out and reveal the untold narratives and incidents that transpired behind the scenes when the right time comes. Meanwhile, she seeks the public’s thoughts and prayers for Wunmi during these difficult times.

It’s important to mention that the month following Mohbad’s passing has evoked deep emotions among many individuals. They utilized this moment to express their sorrow and show respect to the late artist.

To add, soon after Mohbad’s passing, there were requests for a DNA test to affirm the parentage of his son due to some uncertainties regarding the child’s lineage. This suggestion for DNA substantiation was supported by several people, including Mohbad’s dad, prominent investigative reporter Kemi Olunloyo, and TikTok personality Very Dark Man.

Nevertheless, Wunmi, Mohbad’s wife, took the lead to conduct the DNA test, which conclusively authenticated that Mohbad is the true biological father of both her and Liam.

This DNA verification led to widespread criticism of those who had proposed the test during this time of grief. People saw it as unsympathetic and baseless. The public has since rallied in support of Wunmi, extending their sympathy and understanding during this demanding phase of her life.

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