Troops Prevent Female From Leaping into Lagos Lagoon

In a recent act of valor, the Nigerian Army, specifically the 81 Division, stopped a woman, referred to as Mrs. Francesca Spark, from committing suicide by aiming to plunge into the Lagos Lagoon.

The incident was reported on Monday morning by Lt. Col. Olabisi Olalekan Ayeni, the Present Deputy Director of Army Public Relations, through an official Army announcement.

As per Ayeni’s statement, the woman was discovered in the lagoon near 81 Division Officers’ Mess, located in Marina Lagos.

The 65 Battalion NA troops, positioned at the Officers’ Mess, upon noticing Mrs. Spark, utilized their specialized river training and resourcefulness to rescue her promptly. First aid was administered and her condition was stabilized by the medical team of the battalion. Subsequent to her stabilization, her family was contacted and she was safely handed over to her spouse, Mr. Spark Oghene Ovie, a resident of Awoyaya Lagos,” part of the statement detailed.

The commendable bravery, creativity, and awareness of the soldiers were praised by Major General Muhammad Takuti Usman, the leading commander of the 81st Division.

The Major General articulated his pleasure at the successful application of the troops’ crisis management expertise in a potentially lethal situation.

Major General Usman underscored the crucial role the armed forces play in times of calamities or natural disasters.

He confirmed that the troops received extensive training to lend a hand to the principal agencies during crises.

Moreover, he reassured the public about the purposeful deployment of the forces to safeguard the assets and well-being of the community, especially during emergencies.

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