'Some of your favorites are on this table' – Toyin Lawani calls out married men who sleep with men

Nigerian celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani has called out married men who sleep with men while showing off loving moments with their wives on social media.

The stylist claimed that the trend of homosexual married men is increasing and many celebrities are involved in it.

Toyin also claims that some married women are aware of and hide their husbands.

She wrote: “Can we talk about how gay men have normalized being married with children and sleeping around men? Lagos, seriously, I can't even understand what I just saw and I see this nigga with his wife making love on social media and nigga fucking with my man, some of your favorites are in this table. But why are you cheating on those innocent women? Damn 2024 don't say to any body, I beg this year to talk everything I see or like it. It's getting very crazy,

“See if you're gay, come out of the closet and stop tricking people into marriage, until you have children with them, then shame them. But women, how can you not know that your man moves like that, I believe some of these women even know and in denial, it's impossible there aren't any traits.Imagine seeing a married man waving his hands and hips as he walks and acting girlish.

“Yet you make excuses for him. Some of these men are even straight and male. Maybe they paid you to get the kids as a cover, because that's the only excuse I can see. You don't have to get married, you can get a surrogate mother and have your children. Frankly, it is a shameful act and unfair to the woman. Ladies, someday a nigga wanna finger your asshole or go there.

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“Check him out and RUNNNNNNN OOO 2024, for no one gree ✍️✍️✍️ Meanwhile, I have nothing against being gay, I simply said don't cheat women into marrying you and having children with you. Then they find out later and hurt themselves, guys, this has no influence, this Shia is real Shia”

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