“Some road girls are better at passing virgins” – Israel DMW’s friend shades wife Sheila as she defends him

Jessica Amafe, Israel DMW’s girlfriend, drags his estranged wife, Sheila, berating her for never letting him know peace after he married her.

This comes amid Davido’s assistant, Israel DMW, and his wife Sheila’s ongoing marital drama.

Jessica Amafe revealed on her social media page that Israel knew peace before he married Sheila, but that is no longer the case since they became husband and wife.

She refuted her claim that he pressured her to marry him. Sheila was 21 years old and is aware of Israel DMW’s lifestyle and the nature of his work, and if she didn’t like it, all she had to do was say no and decline his proposal.

Jessica Amafe, who took a swipe at her, said some street girls are better than some hypocritical types who act like they are morally perfect.

She wrote…

“Israel is my friend, he is a very down-to-earth and loyal person. No doubt he has his flaws, but he did his best! I know Isreal and know some of the things that happened,” she wrote.

“He was almost depressed and if this is the best way for him to express his anger and move on with his life, I support him. His estranged lady was busy sailing up and down, the young man was downstairs.

“He had peace before he married, and peace disappeared after marriage. What woman tells the man to put her up in a hotel since he is traveling for a business meeting out of their state?

“How many of you men want to be the woman of the house, while your wife becomes the man? Isreal doesn’t want to do business, blah blah blah, cut the crabs

“You know his nature of work, but you accepted his PROPOSAL and SAY YES TO HIM, suddenly you hate his lifestyle. Did he ever tell you he worked for an oil company?

“Don’t tell me that pressure forced you into marriage because you’re only 21. If you are dating someone and you don’t like their lifestyle, STOP QUICK, don’t marry someone who thinks you can change him or her. You learn to live with what you cannot change. It.

“There are better ways to talk to a man to show him reasons for you. Isreal married you, not your mother and family.

‘All in all: avoid broke girls and avoid broke boys. Being a virgin does not guarantee a successful marriage, some Ihama road girls are better off passing a holy saint. After we talk about our own coming and being a bad person! I’m allergic to poor boys, gonna call the police. ”

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