“Surprise gone wrong” – Moment the lady slapped her boyfriend after he proposed in public

A young man's romantic move turned into a public humiliation when his heartfelt proposal was rejected and received a slap from his girlfriend.

The incident, shared by user @cliifforrd online, has caused a wave of mixed reactions and sympathy for the devastated man.

The video, which has since gone viral, begins with an unidentified young man getting down on one knee and holding a ring in a traditional proposal pose.

However, instead of the expected joyful acceptance, the lady sternly rejects the proposal.

To add to the humiliation, she approaches the young man and delivers a resounding slap to his face.

The unexpected turn of events left bystanders in panic, as gasps and whispers echoed through the venue.

In the footage, several concerned onlookers run to the heartbroken young man's side and urge him to get up.

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Meanwhile, the lady hurriedly leaves the scene, leaving a shocked and bewildered crowd behind.

Comments from Internet users…

@OluseunJose said; “Omoh, this girl is not even worth this devotion…” Those guys who asked him to get up knew, if it is not my man, I will still give him a wake-up slap.”

@Templegaurd said; 'Refuse my proposal, but don't hit me, you're not angry. Why are you begging? It should be a request, if she's not there, move. You beg so that tomorrow she will say it was a favor, you are not doing me a favor, I am also a hot cake.

@BlaccYsl said; “Shoutout to the guys who went to pick him up when he could have been ridiculed, MVPs.”

@waleshadow said; 'After the woman, be the man. She/he will run away. I have nothing to do with the kneeling lady.”

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@SeaNeverDry00 said; “The kind of blow I'm going to give her, if she doesn't blind her eyes, Dey will go into a coma.”

@AkConglomeraat said; 'In white culture it's all about kneeling and making proposals. Why bend the knees Alaye?”

@Cisqo_4 said: “Mehn, those guys who jazz the kid are always going to see good things.”

@andreudotai said; “Why do girls normally slap a guy they don't want when they're asked to marry him?”

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