Benue State Police Verifies the Sudden Demise of Catholic Priest Rev. Fr. Faustinus

The Benue Police has affirmed the passing away of Catholic priest Rev. Fr. Faustinus Gundu.

The abrupt death of the clergyman from St. Joseph Catholic Church Jootar in Ukum Local Government Area reportedly transpired on Thursday.

Initial accounts suggested that Rev. Fr. had potentially suffered a sudden collapse, whilst another narrative proposed lightening as the cause of death.

Nonetheless, it was found that the late Fr. Gundu, having left a towel outdoors, bolted outside to pick it up when an unexpected heavy rainstorm occurred.

“Caught off guard by the downpour, he slipped, fell and bumped his head on a hard surface,” as per details revealed.

One source, preferring anonymity, mentioned, “the priest lay there for the duration of the storm, as there was no one around to provide him assistance at the moment.”

Information suggests that by the time word of the incident reached people, he had already passed away.

The unfortunate event was verified by the State Police Public Relations Officer for Benue, SP Catherine Anene.

However, she was unable to comment on whether his ending was due to a sudden collapse or a lightening strike.

“I have received the news, but the reports suggest lightening as the cause,” she remarkde. “We can only confirm the exact circumstances after a detailed investigation.”

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