The Biggest Mistake A Girl Can Make In Life Is Marrying A Poor Man – Nigerian Lady Spills Reason (Video)

A Nigerian woman has caused a stir online with a video criticizing girls for marrying financially challenged men.

In the video, the woman emphatically states that choosing a financially struggling man as a husband is the biggest mistake a girl can make in her life.

She expresses her own refusal to marry a man of limited means and considers it a risky venture.

She expands on her views and insists that women must learn to say goodbye to men who cannot provide in the way their fathers always generously did.

According to her, many impoverished or selfish men exhibit foolish thinking, attributing this to the mental toll of financial problems, while recognizing that only some of them have intelligence.

She argued that many girls are not suited to relationships with financially challenged men, often describing them as insecure and manipulative.

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The Nigerian woman pointed out that a common trait of such men is that they often use expressions like

“Is it because I have no money that you treat me like this?”

which she personally finds annoying.

Watch the video below;

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Comments on the video of the Nigerian lady who believes that marrying a man with financial problems is the biggest mistake a girl can make are as follows:

rich_bitches_boss: Good boys won't be happy about this 😂😂😂.mo__andra: Okay, aunt, thanks for the lecture, BUT REMEMBER… a poor man can become rich tomorrow, and a rich man can become poor tomorrow. Life is not always in balance. Be nice to the people you meet on the way up because you don't know who you'll meet on the way down 👌.futballpunter: Maybe she doesn't want to repeat her mother's mistakes, which is understandable.mandy__chuks: The goal is to become financially independent before you start looking for a rich partner 🙌❤️. Or don't women contribute to the success of your family?kingjamescfr: This is the type of girl they deflowered with two eggs and one indomie 😂.just1_damy: She has a point. Ladies, you deserve better treatment; You are princesses and should be treated as such. Don't settle for less. Broke guys should strive to become successful, and I would advise not to stay with one woman if possible, and perhaps marry ten.

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