“The house where Mohbad lives is my aunt's house and we will soon chase away his wife and son” – Drama as Mustapha Sholagbade's baby mama Adewunmi Fatai gets dirty in late Mohbad's house (Video)

Adewunmi Fatai Shifau, known as Glitters Touch, a popular Nollywood make-up artist, has criticized Kemi Olunloyo for spreading false information about late singer Mohbad's residence. According to the investigative journalist, Mohbad was said to have received Naira Marley's payment of N300 million in song royalties before his untimely death. Kemi claimed that he had founded his company, Imonelization, bought a N175 million house and was about to buy a N40 million SUV.

Kemi further alleged that Mohbad had deceived those around him by claiming to rent the house, when in reality he had purchased it and installed CCTV, which was subsequently disconnected.

In his response, Adewunmi Fatai clarified that the singer had purchased her sister's house and it was in fact available for rent. She sternly warned Kemi Olunloyo to stop spreading false rumors and expressed her frustration over swearing.

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She addressed Kemi and said, “Aunt Kemi Olunloyo is a foolish woman, abeg. Did you sell the 175 million naira house to Mohbad when he was alive? Oniro oshi! Agbaya jati jati. The house belongs to my madam/sister; she rented it out just for them. Stop spreading false rumors, Aunt Kemi, and you bloggers, Oniro. Always find your truth before posting. Bye.”

Adewunmi Fatai's statement sparked a series of reactions, with some supporting her and others disputing her claims. Here are some responses from social media users:

One Dollar Boy wrote: “But there's a 'sold' tag on the house. I do not believe you.' A Mama Kay Collection wrote: 'They are doing their utmost to blame his death on the woman. The woman who was with him when he was Promise the Carpenter.” A King Fortunate wrote: “Aunt Kemi, who is known for her controversial statements, questioned the credibility of Adewunmi Fatai.” One Gold Desire questioned the relationship between Adewunmi Fatai and her sister. regarding the ownership of the house. One Loui Wells raised concerns about a “sold” tag on the house and its ownership. One Prestige Canada expressed frustration with people believing in false claims and urged transparency through the presentation of receipts and agreements. One Rommy Top4real suggested that providing receipts and agreements could clarify the situation. One Shakira Bags noted the unusual nature of Adewunmi Fatai's response and questioned the credibility of the claims. One Beolad Creations expressed concern about people believing Kemi Olunloyo's statements without any doubt. One Rejoice asked for evidence of the alleged settlement of 300 million naira from Naira Marley to Mohbad.

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