“The man goes through a lot” – Reactions when a married woman discovers that her husband is the administrator of a group chat dedicated to her survival

A married woman bursts into tears when she hears her siblings setting up a WhatsApp group call where her husband is the group administrator.

She confided in Connotare, an Instagram platform that allows users to post stories anonymously, about her concerns.

The woman acknowledged that her pain increased when she learned her husband was the moderator of the group chat.

Many have advised her to change her behavior despite her erratic behavior, fearing that if her siblings and husband work together to survive in her company, she would become unbearable.

She says:

“I recently found out that my siblings have a group chat called SURVIVING TOPE, which is me. What hurts even more is that my husband is the administrator”

See message below

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Some responses to the post here

thegreenceoo said: “After God, keep them from your hand. Better change your bad character”

lolipopcolour_s wrote: “The man is going through a lot 😂and he needed your siblings to teach you a few hacks…Regardless of what you think, be glad he's doing his best to outlast you,😁maybe you are difficult or difficult pro max…It's not even that deep😂!”

slimchukz opined, “The most terrible people always see themselves as angels.”

fraser_tayo advised: “Two options: either you get offended and do what you do when you're offended 'OR' You take this as a wake-up call, ask yourself important questions about yourself and make the right changes.”

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