The Nigerian Army arrests a soldier who complained about his small salary on charges of bringing shame to the institution

The Nigerian army arrests viral soldier because he complains that he doesn't have enough money to go home after years of being on the war front.

Recall that Gistreel told the story where the soldier who had fought in Maidugiri had to return there due to the high cost of transportation.

He admitted that he discovered that transportation costs had become very high, and that he could not afford a round trip on his salary so he decided to go back home.

However, the Nigerian army was not happy about this and locked up the young man on charges that he had embarrassed the army with his video.

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@IK101_ said: “This should tell others in that horrible entity how much they are appreciated and what their next action should be.”

@DanielRegha opined: “Trying to silence an officer for shouting is nothing short of tyranny; In reality, Nigerian soldiers should be earning more than N50,000, especially considering the situation. These people risk their lives every day, politicians who do virtually nothing earn millions. This is shamfu!.”

@ChubieUjah responded: “Gosh 🤦🏾‍♂️ but he wasn't even criticizing anyone, he was just complaining about his reality.”

@_iRoyalty_ added: “I knew this was going to happen…They were going to discipline the life out of him and send him to the war front to die. It is a typical example of 'suffering and smiling' as we see in the Nigerian Army.”

@Roseangel009 said: “What a country! There is freedom of speech that we claim, but freedom after speech is not guaranteed in Nigeria.”

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