The Bauchi State governor offers high regard for Tinubu, describing him as the leading figure that represents the aspiration Nigerians seek

Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State has openly expressed his esteem for President Bola Tinubu, stating that his dedication to public service and mankind sets him apart as the excellent leader capable of fostering the positivity Nigerians deeply longing for.

His proclamation was made public to journalists in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on a Monday.

He pointed out that despite the disputes among political parties, the President has garnered the backing of the majority of governors, suggesting a brighter future for Nigeria.

“We must acknowledge the untiring efforts of Mr. President to reposition Nigeria and resurrect its struggling economy which requires crucial changes,” he affirmed.

“From his different measures taken so far, it’s evident that we’re on the path to a renewed Nigeria,” he adds.

“In the presence of Islam’s most sacred site, as the president prayed for our country’s prosperity, I’m optimistic he will answer the deep longing Nigerians have for positive transformation,” he expressed.

“Despite our political divergences, I hold immense regard for the president. As he prayed for the country, I also prayed for him because when we pray for our leaders, it is unavoidably a prayer for ourselves,” the state leader remarked.

Mr. Mohammed asserted that the President’s previous achievements as Governor of Lagos State serve as a powerful assurance for a better Nigeria.

“His leadership in Lagos resulted in remarkable progress, making the state an exemplary model not only in Nigeria but also in Africa. This is the level of transformation Nigeria yearns for, and it isn’t far from becoming reality,” he expressed.

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