There has been a change in polling station officers, Imo LP claims

A protest is taking place at the Ikenegbu Girls Polling Unit of the Owerri City Council as polling station officers previously trained to use the BVAS have been replaced.

The party alleged that this was an attempt by the electoral referee to manipulate the results in favor of the APC, creating furor over the issue.

One potential voter, Mr Madu, identified himself as a member of the Labor Party and expressed surprise at the move this morning by Pu staff, who had already been sent to the voting centre.

When contacted, Chibuikem Diala, the spokesperson for the Labor Party candidate for the state governorship, said INEC was operating uniformly across the state.

According to him, the campaign organization learned that persons who had not undergone INEC training were being deployed to conduct the elections, and that the legitimate PU officials who had already undergone INEC training had been abruptly withdrawn.

He said: “The Senator Athan Achonu Media Center wishes to warn security operatives and patriotic INEC personnel, especially those sent from outside Owerri for this election, of plans already finalized to compromise the BVAs for use for the elections of today by the RATECH team.

“Reliable information from some LGAs in Owerri Federal Constituency has exposed schemes by the technical team of those LGAs on providing wrong passwords to some of the ad hoc staff for this election.

“Specifically, this devious plan was discussed in the Owerri Municipal and Owerri North Local Government Areas, where the head of the RATECH team has drawn up plans to provide wrong passwords to PO, especially those posted at polling stations with large voters. According to the source, the assignment is to ensure that part of the BVAS malfunctions at the polling stations.

“The aim is to either generate a bogus result or frustrate the voting process in specific areas where riggers do not have a strong presence. This is shameful and diabolical.

“All party operatives in every booth and ward, as well as voters, must hold the ‘RATHEC team responsible, and not the POs, wherever the BVA password is wrong because it has been compromised. We also urge all POs to escalate this crime wherever it is found.

“The officers and indeed all Imo voters must stand against this and insist that the right thing is done.

“We strongly condemn this evil plot and call on the INEC Commissioners, who we are told are seconded to the state, to ensure a free, fair and smooth exercise to prevent this as the opposition parties can never accept this .

“We request that the Head of RATECH Team in Owerri Federal Constituency and all other LGAs be warned before they discredit a process that is meant to yield positive results.

“We also direct security operatives to ensure that compromised INEC personnel do not create a crisis during this election exercise.”

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