“Such women only teach others to despise males, but I will cherish and adore my partner” – Woman criticizes feminists

A woman has created a video condemning the current generation of feminists, accusing them of only instructing women to detest men and abandon their spouses.

The female, frustrated by the actions of feminists, produced a video in which she calls them out for misguiding other women.

She believes that modern feminism revolves around male hatred and neglecting the traditional roles expected from a woman.

Quoting her;

“From what I comprehend about this generation’s feminists is: detest men, fail to fulfill your expected duties as a woman for a man.”

“Don’t idolize men, don’t idolize your partner. If your partner makes a minor mistake, separate from him and never stay in your husband’s home. Be an ignorant woman, work tirelessly, because you don’t want a man to dominate you.”

The woman asserts that she is an autonomous woman, but she refuses to be a feminist as she believes feminism promotes hatred against men.

The woman who criticizes feminists of this era.

She stated that she would show respect to her partner, launder his garments, humbly serve him meals like a dutiful woman while he takes care of her because it’s his obligation.

She cautioned feminists against advising women to part ways with unfaithful husbands as they will only separate from their husbands and repent it as life remains challenging outside marriage.

View the video here:

Woman shares her views on current feminists 🫠pic.twitter.com/zjCoEHwFCo

— YabaLeftOnline (@yabaleftonline) November 4, 2023

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