“I’m supposedly not thin enough to look like a broom,” – A pretty lady vents her frustration after a modeling company rejects her (Video)

A Nigerian lady, slender and beautiful, has voiced her exasperation on the internet after modeling firms rejected her.

She posted a TikTok video under the handle @crisnwana, expressing her disheartenment as various modeling companies turned her down due to not being tall or slim enough for their liking.

She stated: “Because I don’t fit their requirements, I’m not a model. I’m neither thin nor tall enough.”

Her revelation elicited prompt responses from social media users, who shared their shock and bafflement at the body norms of the modeling sector.

They applauded her attractiveness and lean shape and questioned why she was denied chances despite seeming to meet traditional beauty norms.


Exactly what are these companies looking for? Watch till the end. #fashion model #modelscout

♬ Barbie – JaidynAlexis

Here are some remarks from social media users:

@Charlesdprimordial has written: “You see, I’m in front of the road, just at the corner, and you know I’m an early riser.”

@Queenli responded: “When I was modeling, I was told the same thing, but now I’ve put on weight.”

@BlackBarbie has noted: “They are looking for someone who can virtually disappear, hence she is not thin enough.”

@Chibuzophotography suggested: “She could effortlessly be a beauty model. I wager she’s not even on anyone’s radar; could someone tag her?”

@FavourVictorY added: “I had to shed weight until my agency accepted me, and since then, I’ve been constantly ill.”

@Mzposh speculated: “It’s possible they can’t afford her and thus claim she is flawless.”

@YoureA_Wanker shared: “Despite being 6’1″, I supposedly wasn’t tall enough.”

@ODEGAARD ​​​​advised: “Perhaps she declined to make compromises to gain fame. She’s stunning.”

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