“They thought my baby was a doll” – Mom shares video as people gather around her child at the mall

A mother has shared a video of people gathering around her child in a shopping center and thinking she was a doll.

The unexpected and comical moment happened after the woman placed her baby in the middle of the presents in a shopping center.

In the video shared by @viviannnaji, passers-by were confused and mistook the sleeping baby for a doll, leading to funny interactions and video recording.

She wrote; “People touch my baby and ask if it's a human or a toy, some have even touched her just to be sure.”

The video quickly went viral and caught the attention of netizens who found the encounter both cute and confusing.

Many were amused by the reactions of people who couldn't believe the baby was real and took the opportunity to touch and film the precious little one.

@temmy responded: “She doesn't sleep herself.”

Nana Adjoa Koomson said: “Let her sleep in peace e. how she sleeps comfortably, aww.”

@marycynthia chisom said: “Shoprite in Diamond Estate!
It was so cute.”

@vicky responded: “Lol This one sabi is going to sleep.”

Chioma said: “Awww bless him or her.”

Yhaa's Imports responded: “Celebrity baby.”

Anita said: “Cute.”

@hildanjuguna5 commented: “She is so cute.”

Watch the video below:


♬ All I want for Christmas is you – Mariah Carey

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