“This shoe is sharp, the way I’m going to use it when I go down the back street” – Man gushes as his daughter buys him designer shoes

A lady has shared her father’s reaction after buying him an expensive Italian shoe at the beginning of Christmas gift.

The lady sent the photo of the shoe she gave him on WhatsApp and the father was very happy.


He noted that the shoe is a nice piece of footwear, the kind made by major designer companies.

As he thanked her profusely, he noted that he might have to take it back to the streets.

@Shamaunbeatable😍❤️‍🩹❤️🥰 commented: “Is your dad single? 🥺 Asking for my bestie😂😂😂”

@faruq.qxr wrote: “You see that “MEHN!” it’s from years ago 😂”

@OG_MARLEY💨 said: “Your pops man is a real Area Warri Urhobo zaddy”

@Obafemi Daniel said: “your pop man nah confama OG see what he called those Italian designers”

@Jay wrote: “You don’t remind your father of his days. He goes into the street, oh”

Watch the video below:


He said: I will still buy him more 🤣… daddy, calm down, things don’t cost

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