Tinubu administration sanctions N134 billion as an exclusion grant for retired military personnel

It has been reported that the Federal Government has given the green light for an Exclusion Allowance amounting to N134,749,953,243.69 for retired military veterans, according to Naija News.

The announcement was brought to light by Defence Minister Mohammed Badaru during Friday’s official briefing regarding the 2024 Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebrations.

He stated that this grant approval is evidence of the government’s dedication to the wellbeing of retired servicemen.

The phased introduction of the Security Debarment Allowance for previously excluded veterans was initiated in January 2023, stated the minister.

He stated, “To attest to our dedication towards the wellbeing of our veterans, the Federal Government sanctioned the sum of N134,749,953,243.69 as a security exclusion allowance. This will cater to all veterans honorably retired or discharged from the service of the Nigerian Armed Forces, granting them this benefit. Our service members and veterans are entitled to the utmost, and that is what they shall receive.

“The accomplishments realized by our armed forces serve as motivation to endure until victory is ultimately asserted and all relocated civilians reclaim their homes. We are, therefore, keen on adopting a progressive approach to conquering our security challenges by leveraging our intelligence resources and nurturing robust relationships with our West African counterparts.

“Moreover, the Federal Government plans to continue upgrading the armed forces with combat competencies, training, and equipment to reduce casualties resulting from operations. We remain optimistic that the President’s commitment and focus on swiftly addressing all security issues will be fulfilled.”

Additionally, the minister expressed that the nation has been grappling with severe internal security issues for over a decade, putting a strain on resources and armed forces.

“Regardless of the cost, including the ultimate sacrifice made by our troops, the Nigerian Armed Forces have persistently battled these adversities. Taking into account where we previously stood, we’re making progressive strides towards improvement,” affirmed the minister.

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