APC Leader Tinubu’s CSU Certificate Controversy: Party Guidance for Forthcoming Elections

Chief Livinus Chukwudi Okwara, a prominent figure in the All Progressives Congress (APC) within Lagos State, has provided guidance to his party and others on handling candidate educational qualifications controversies ahead of voting period.

In response to disputes over the certificate and academic history of Chicago State University (CSU) President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Okwara voices his opinion that such matters should be handled internally within the party.

In order to prevent the complication of the nation’s continuing democratic process, the APC figurehead recommends that education be a foremost concern in the pre-election phase rather than after elections.

Okwara suggests the party to conduct a comprehensive review of its candidates’ educational background and decide on their eligibility based on the guidelines in the party’s constitution before they attempt to hold an elective position.

He believes that implementing such a process is more effective in safeguarding candidates that do not meet the necessary standards from potential legal disputes, significant campaign expenses, or even denial of running for the position they aim for.

He alerts Nigerians not to destabilize the unity of the nation by overemphasizing the importance of certificates.

Chief Okwara expresses that the ongoing scrutiny on President Tinubu’s CSU matter is needlessly heating up the political atmosphere.

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