Comments by Peter Obi on Tinubu’s Swearing-in: Unveiling Progressive Improvements

Peter Obi, the Labor Party’s presidential nominee, has finally commented on the swearing-in ceremony of newly elected president Bola Tinubu, scheduled for today.

In a recent publication, Obi expressed that his rival’s swearing-in will serve to fuel his determination to contest harder.

Tinubu, who emerged victorious in the elections held on February 25, 2023, is anticipated to be officially sworn in as Nigeria’s 16th President on Monday, May 29th.

In response to a query about the inauguration on Twitter Space on Sunday, Obi affirmed that he would remain resolute in pursuing “his mandate.”

Quoting his words:

“The journey wasn’t started in a single day; I was aware it wouldn’t be an easy road. The inauguration will fortify me. I understand your disappointment as things didn’t pan out as you hoped. We are confronting a deeply rooted establishment. We are participating in an extended battle. As much as I acknowledge the arduous journey that lies ahead, I am fully prepared to face accusations, defamation and all sorts of obstacles.”

“I’m grateful for your selflessness and I beseech you to remain undeterred. I appreciate your sacrifices; thank you for being a part of this significant endeavor. Let’s remain united as we persevere through this hardship. Let’s strive to act righteously. None can claim sanctity, myself included. I may have unknowingly done wrong in the past. I implore you to remain focused. Transformation is a process that requires time.”

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