'Try to Learn How to Guide Yourself in Your Marriage' – Woman Teaches Self-Defense to Married Coworkers in Abusive Marriages

Amid her hectic schedule, a Nigerian woman spends time teaching self-defense techniques to married colleagues facing abuse. a

Video circulating on social media shows TikTok user @sweettoto, also known as Asagold, demonstrating defensive measures against possible harm from her husband.

The video shows the woman emphasizing the importance of 'never backing down' in the face of a toxic husband. She demonstrates defensive measures against an abusive partner and encourages women to stand up for themselves and stand up against abuse.

“Don't avoid your husband and married women just because he might be abusive. What you need to do is stand your ground with confidence; if he comes closer, intercept the aggression and firmly push your boundaries,” she advised.

Responses to Self-Defense Strategies Against Abusive Marriages:

Igbago Queen commented: “Since COVID-19 nothing is normal in this world 😂😂😂.”

Temitope💋❤💋 shared: “That's why I'd rather invest in data than land 😂😂.”

Rukkyken71 humorously commented, “This is why I can't marry Warri even though I'm from Delta 🤣🤣🤣.”

Mercymaxwell400 joked: “So do we have to wear dorky pants every time we argue with our husbands or something?”

Chinecherem reflected, “It's a blessing not to have a family member to embarrass you online 🤦🤦.”

Watch the video below…


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