“Unbelievable” – 23-year-old woman pregnant with two identical twins at the same time, baffles many

A 23-year-old young woman and her husband have received unexpected news that they are expecting not just one, but two identical twins at the same time.

Kempsey couple Ebony Apps and Jayden, who are in their early twenties (23 and 21 respectively) and had previously experienced the heartbreak of two miscarriages, were left completely shocked when a routine ultrasound scan revealed the extraordinary nature of their pregnancy.

The journey began when the young couple, who were actively trying to conceive, received the joyful news of Ebony's pregnancy in September of the previous year.

Overcoming the challenges of previous losses, wife Ebony was overjoyed at the prospect of becoming a mother. Little did they know that their joy would increase exponentially.

Initially they were only expecting one identical twin, but during the second ultrasound on October 26 their world was turned upside down.

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“We went to our first ultrasound expecting just one baby, but then we were told it was twins.

“Then at our second scan we were told we had quadruplets who were two identical twins,” Ebony said.

The attending physician announced the news and revealed that they were expecting not only quadruplets, but also two identical twins, which is rare even in multiple pregnancies.

The condition of the expectant mother, who was carrying two sets of identical twins, was described by the doctor as exceptionally rare.

“Our doctor told us that quadruplet pregnancies are about one in 700,000, and that being pregnant with two identical twins is even rarer.

“One nurse said she has never seen this happen in her 30 years of experience,” Ebony said.

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According to CNN, the chance of such a pregnancy is about one in 70 million.

The pregnant woman, Ebony, confessed that she almost fainted when she heard the unexpected news, while Jayden, her husband, was left speechless by the magnitude of the revelation.

'We were both in a state of complete shock and we were so worried about how we would care for four newborns, but I know we will manage.

Despite the initial shock, the couple is now preparing for the arrival of their quadruplets, due in June.

“Considering that we found out we were having four babies instead of just the one we thought we were having, everything will be fine.

“Next week we are moving to a new house and we are also in the process of purchasing a larger car.

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“I feel pretty good about everything, but I'm still very nervous about the birth,” said the pregnant woman.

“We'll have our gender reveal in the coming weeks and I'm so excited to find out what we have to offer. It will be nice to know what I grow,” she added.

Due to the unusual nature of the pregnancy, the woman will undergo a planned caesarean section in April.

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