Seasoned performers honor Pastor Gabriel Agbala at his church’s 5th anniversary (video)

The fifth-year festivities of Pastor Gabriel Agbala’s Ibadan church saw the congregation of numerous esteemed actors. These included well-known figures such as Iya Gbokan, Iya Ibeji Omo Araye, Opebe, Otolo, Suebebe, Bankefa, and others.

Pastor Gabriel Agbala, renowned for his charity work, has consistently been a fundamental pillar of comfort and aid for these veteran actors during difficult periods.

This gathering served as a platform for these performers to communicate their appreciation for the extraordinary help they’ve received from the magnanimous pastor. His benevolent deeds have left a deeply positive and impactful impression on their lives.

Pastor Agbala Gabriel’s notable charitable endeavors include:

Assisting Iya Ibeji Omo Araye, who fell victim to a stroke, by relocating her to Ibadan, providing her with a home and a vehicle. Offering critical support and constructing a house for Suebebe, who battled health complications. Fundraising and contributing significantly to the completion of Iya Gbokan’s home, guaranteeing her a secure and comfortable space to live. Collecting funds to support Aunt Ramota in finishing her house, providing her a place she can call home.

The pastor’s charitable acts have dramatically improved these veteran actors’ lives who convened to express their thankfulness during Pastor Gabriel Agbala’s church’s fifth anniversary in Ibadan.

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