Video: ‘My situation is deteriorating, I’ve used up all my savings’ – Ailing crossdresser, Jay Boogie, tearfully shares his distress

Renowned Nigerian transvestite, Daniel Anthony Nsikan, widely known as Jay Boogie, discloses that his health is deteriorating.

A few weeks back, Jay Boogie was in the news due to an unsuccessful cosmetic surgery carried out in Lekki, Lagos State.

Dr. Loveth Jennifer, a Nigerian medical expert based in Namibia, reached out to her fellow professional who performed the surgery

Jennifer disclosed on her Instagram page that Jay Boogie’s health status was critical and he had been unable to pass urine for 24 hours post the cosmetic surgery.

She further mentioned that the doctor who botched the surgery discarded Jay Boogie in an uncommon hospital, alleging that the crossdresser had pre-existing kidney complications before undergoing the surgery.

In a recent interview, Jay offered an update on his deteriorating health condition and noted having exhausted all his savings for his medical treatment, expressing uncertainty about his survival.

Jay highlighted the lack of assistance from others, voicing his distress at his life’s work going down the drain and his inability to now support his family members.

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