“Wahala mama Christmas” – Hilarious reactions follow to Aunt Ramota's Santa costume video

Ramota Adetu, popularly known as Aunty Ramota, left many people laughing after a video of her dressed as Santa Claus surfaced online.

The actress struggled to breathe while wearing the costume in the video, which received more than a thousand views, as well as countless likes and comments.

Unidentified individuals tried to help her breathe, but she ended up taking off the Santa costume due to breathing difficulties and other unknown reasons.

Several social media users who saw the video shared their thoughts in the comment section of the post.

Here are some responses:

Virgoluxuryjewels_dubai: “Wahala mama Christmas.”

Iam/concience: “Let's meet here if you enjoy Aunty Ramhota in any way.”

Oluwadamilola: “‎Wizzy would give her sister money, she deserves it.”

Naa: “Aunt Ramo is multifunctional.”

Seckmah15: “Whoever tells you that God is sleeping, God sees for Aunt Ramota's life, natural celebrity just like that, dear God, don't forget me either. Compliment of the season.”

Ireti: “I love the way she is happy in everything she does this year, may God be with her, forward, always backward, never with long life and sound health, Ramot.”

adenikeadeyele: “anuty Ramota gonna fight before she lives here, baby Christmas.”

Wigsbydarhmie: “Aunt Ramota can't even pretend to take off her cap for an hour.”



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