“Hold on, isn’t she the bride?” – Fashion designer Veekee James sparks reactions with her stunning attire at her PA’s wedding

The clip instantly became a talking point online, leading to backlash aimed at Veekee James for overshadowing her Personal Assistant (PA) on her special day. She was subsequently labeled an attention hog.

Renowned fashion designer, Victoria James, also known by her professional name Veekee James, found herself the subject of controversy due to her splendid attire at her employee’s nuptials.

Being a well-recognized name for her audacious and innovative designs, Veekee James donned a custom-made outfit that was not only breathtaking but certainly noteworthy and fitting for the event.

She wore a long white dress adorned with a deep V-neck and fitted upper part. The dress was embellished with stunning beadwork, a spectacle that left her social media followers in awe.

Concurrently, the stylist based in Lagos caught the media’s attention when her partner, Femi, unexpectedly popped the question.

The video quickly spread online igniting criticism towards Veekee James for stealing her Personal Assistant’s limelight at her own wedding. A few ridiculed her for being an attention monger.

Despite the criticism, many admired her for her artistic flair and commended her confidence and elegance in her attire.

Here are some reactions below:

Classygems stated, “Certainly ensure no one attempts this at my wedding, direct trip home 😂”.

Olu Ibeto commented, “Might be whispering up the wrong tree, but I believe if I were to refer to her as the mother of the day, she might just be so!”.

🥰That Hamer posted: “Take note📌🛠💪✌️💖 Wonder who else surmised she’s the bride”.

Emithefinegurl opined, “Yet, if the bride had no issue with it, then why should those who weren’t even on the guest list or not invited fuss about it?”

Divineee asked, “Errr, wasn’t it her wedding?”

Adenuga Olajumoke Om expressed, “Can’t seem to get over the bride’s glow”.

Theothergbemmy reacted, “I may not be the bride, but I’m certainly the boss of the bride 🥹”.


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