NBC ensures social media regulation by collaborating with Google and TikTok

The National Broadcasting Commission reports that it partners with key social media platforms to check the use of these channels.

On Friday, Francisca Aiyetan, NBC’s director of broadcast monitoring, spoke with Daily Trust explicating the commission’s plan to supervise social media.

Aiyetan indicated that unregulated social media could potentially misinform young minds.

“All nations are striving to supervise social media, including Nigeria because we acknowledge the significant benefits it can offer. However, without regulation, it can turn into a tool that misleads our young population.”

“At our present stage, we are negotiating with stakeholders to affirm that, indeed, there is a need to rule social media and there must be some form of statutory control; laws need to be reinforced to cater to all that’s new in broadcasting and sharing content.

“With the authorized power and capability to execute such measures, we can then consider if we have the technological means to do it. However, currently, we are incorporating the platform owners in the regulation process, including Google, YouTube and TikTok, to identify the entities behind these platforms.

On Tuesday, The PUNCH reported the Director General of NBC, Balarabe Ilelah, as announcing that the committee proposed a bill to the National Assembly.

Ilelah, head of NBC, labelled the negative aspects of social media as a “monster” and pointed out that the existing law doesn’t endow NBC with the power to regulate social media.

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