“What is she wearing abeg” Actress Kehinde Bankole mocked her outfit at an event (Video)

Jokes have surfaced online about Nollywood actress Kehinde Bankole's attire during a movie launch.

The life of a celebrity, especially when it comes to event attire, can be challenging as the online fashion police are always ready to criticize.

The premiere of 'Adire', the latest film from Film One House, took place on Sunday evening before its official theatrical release on November 3. While many celebrities dazzled on the red carpet, Kehinde Bankole's unusual ensemble left many unimpressed.

She put on a cut-out dress, revealing the black bra she was wearing. Her outfit was not warmly received, leading to playful mockery.

Online reactions to Kehinde Bankole's outfit were plentiful:

Tryrina Sese Fashion wrote: “Did Obioma sew this dress?” Pinky Beery commented, “Obioma just threw the dress together for her because time was running out.” Call Me YT wondered, “What is she wearing now?” The Damzel wondered, “What kind of clothing is this again?” Looking for an explanation, Pinky Beery said, “Can someone explain what this person is wearing? If you have nothing to wear, it's best to stay home.' Me Kuz humorously commented, “You might kill me here, but that dress isn't appropriate.” Cyril Unusual expressed a laissez-faire attitude: 'If she likes it, let her walk naked on the street. That's her business.” Mr. Finest commented, “She's too old for this BS dress; she can do better.” Dolla Sign commented, “This is a cheap dress.” Urfav Time asked: 'Can someone please tell me the name of this style?' Acknowledging the challenges of celebrity life, Tosin said, “Celebrity life is “It's not easy.”

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