“Where do I start now?” – A Nigerian lady breaks down in tears as her boyfriend ends their relationship after borrowing her entire life savings of N150,000.

A Nigerian woman was left in tears when her partner abruptly ended their relationship shortly after borrowing a sizeable sum of N150,000 from her.

In a show of deep love, the compassionate friend lent a helping hand to her boyfriend in times of financial need, but was left heartbroken when the relationship ended abruptly, leaving her devastated.

In a sudden and unexpected turn of events, the young man decided to end the relationship, leaving the distraught lady in tears. A video circulating online captured the emotional scene as she poured her heart out to the friends present in the room.

Watch the video below by clicking on the link


Her tearful video about the breakup and financial strain has sparked a massive backlash as social media users shared their thoughts. Read some comments below:

im_not_nervous_: “Do I take the boyfriend 🚶🏿🚶🏿 No, she gives me the money 😂” don_icekid: “Didn't he buy a phone? 😂 Wig nko? 😂 But wait, weytin you do it yourself?? yolk13mind13: “I'm waiting for you, am b4, he does things like this to you 😢” doggoexplor: “Why are you asking us to hear men?. A girl left for Canada to meet her ex-boyfriend and leave her fiancé behind. bobbywales07: “Shey na 150 that she cries or breakfast about” _ak_para: “No, you don't lend him money 😂😂” gaskia_youngwayne: “If he never passes on that 150k for you, you can't borrow it yourself 150k👍na Una eigen Dey pain Una, funniest part, fit b say that her boyfriend wey dey camera is still going to tell that her boyfriend does something that makes the man react like that 😂”

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