“The person who shared my contact won’t find a suitable match” – The internet reacts to a trending video from a prayer gathering for single individuals

An intriguing video from a prayer meet-up specially arranged for single people has prompted a lot of buzz in the online community.

The video presented a significant number of attendees, some of whom were patiently laying on mats, awaiting the commencement of the event. This assembly of unmarried individuals encompassed both men and women, although women outnumbered men.

While the practice of seeking a companion via prayer meetings drew criticism from certain Nigerians, it was evident that the concern did little to deter the crowd.

This event was coordinated by the Zion Ministry in Lagos, and following are some responses from participants:

@yhettyqueen1_ acknowledged that both sexes participated, hence preventing any disputes related to gender. @don_marrtyynz expressed astonishment, accompanied by laughter, at the occurrence of such events. @FunmiKolz commended the commitment of the attendees, and wished for their prayers to be answered. @dotboyswag humorously implied that a participant could be attempting to locate a partner by questioning, “Who shared my contact?” @oluchi_prudence pointed out the paradox where wedded individuals pray for separation while singles pray for a partner, commenting that life seems inequitable at times. @UncleClinton_ queried the idea of a prayer meeting explicitly for singles but conceded that individuals should follow what suits them.

Prayer Meeting for Single People 2023.


— YabaLeftOnline (@yabaleftonline) October 30, 2023

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