The Reasons Behind Iyabo Ojo’s Reluctance to Live with Partner Paulo Okoye

Famed Nollywood star Iyabo Ojo has shared the reasons she is not currently living with her love interest Paulo Okoye.

The actress conveyed this during an intimate mother-daughter talk with Priscilla within an episode from The Real Housewives of Lagos series.

When questioned by Priscilla about why she has not yet decided to cohabit with Paulo Okoye, Iyabo Ojo responded by stating their relationship hasn’t yet reached marriage and she is continuing to get to know him.

She stressed that cohabitation requires a more profound mutual comprehension.

She quoted, “He’s not my husband yet and I’m still in the process of understanding him better.”

Yomi Fabiyi Accuses Iyabo Ojo of Fabricating Story Against Naira Marley

Meanwhile, fellow Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi cast aspersions on Iyabo Ojo after she alleged the infamous Nigerian singer Azeez Fashola, who goes by Naira Marley, had drugged her kids.

Iyabo had stated she considered the singer reliable enough to trust her children with him.

She claimed that Naira Marley is purported to have laced her children’s meals and beverages with drugs, with three individuals corroborating the event.

Ojo mentioned that once Mohbad’s pending case is resolved, she intends to present her case against Naira Marley.

Through an Instagram update, Yomi Fabiyi questioned Iyabo Ojo’s lack of maternal defense when Naira Marley had allegedly targeted her children.

Yomi suggested that no mother in similar circumstances would withhold their voice and speculated that Ojo may have fabricated the tale to defame Naira Marley.

He proposed that law enforcement and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency should call for interviews with Ojo’s children.

He stated, “It’s puzzling why Iyabo would leave her grown-up children at Naira Marley’s residence. She claimed Naira added drugs to their food and presents herself as a mother. She didn’t fight for her children when it happened…perhaps she concocted this tale to wrongfully accuse Naira.

The story continues after the advertisement.

“Why would her daughter be drugged if she wasn’t already using them? Which mother would keep quiet under such circumstances? The NDLEA and the police heard her accusations and did nothing. How can this nation improve? I’d expect the NDLEA to call her to bring her children for examination.”

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