Popular Artist, Khaid, Discusses His Transition from Islam to Christianity

Fast-emerging Nigerian artist, Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon, also known as Khaid, offers insights into his religious switch from Islam to Christianity.

In a recent dialogue, the young artist shared that although he was born to a Muslim father and a Christian mother, he found himself more drawn to Christianity.

Khaid, who is celebrating his 19th birthday in December, reflected on instances where his father insisted on making him attend mosque from a young age. He cited that his obedience to attend the mosque during his formative years was more about fulfilling his father’s wishes and to avoid the societal judgment that might arise from a Muslim father having a Christian son.

“Previously, I practiced Islam because of my father’s influence while my mother was a Christian. However, I felt a stronger bond with Christianity,” he said.

“Ever since then, I didn’t look forward to visiting the mosque; it was my father’s insistence. That said, my parents were liberal minded,” he added.

“My siblings and I were given the liberty to choose our own faith. However, being in a Muslim community, my father didn’t want to be perceived as having no authority over his kids, so he compelled me to attend the mosque,” Khaid divulged in a recent segment of the Zero Condition podcast.

He further noted, “I sought to make him happy at that period, hence I went to the mosque. But, in due course, I embraced Christianity and started attending church.”

“My eldest sister and youngest brother are Muslims. As for me and the remaining five siblings, we are Christians,” he added.

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