“Why isn’t anyone active on 2GO?” – Man from Nigeria leaves jail after 15 years, inquiries to friend, sparks online reactions (Video)

Recently freed from jail after being locked up for years, a Nigerian man expressed both astonishment and puzzlement upon discovering that 2go, a chat app that was popular in his time, isn’t in extensive use anymore. The man, imprisoned in 2008, senses marked changes in the digital world after his return.

2go used to be a well-known mobile messaging app and social platform in Africa, ruling the social media sector for about half a decade.

Unfortunately, it’s no longer as popular as before, witnessing a shrink in the user base despite being operational. A video posted on TikTok by his friend @kayhandsome5 documents the man’s reaction to this surprising change.

The caption of the video reads:

“Here’s my friend who got jailed in 2008, returned last week, and asked me why nobody is active on 2go.”

Below is the video:


Oh God 😹😹😹 #for you #kayknap5 #blowthistop

♬ original sound – Dj Yk Mule*️⃣

The video ignited a flurry of responses from social media enthusiasts, several of which are shared below:

Benita❤️ remarked: “Never even laid hands on 2go 😂 because I first heard about it when I was 15, in ss1, without a phone 😭😭🙆‍♀️.”

POM_POM🤍 responded: “Wow, what type of offense is that 😂💔.”

Adelove_somebodi announced: “😁😳🙄2go I hope he won’t be inquiring about BB pin o.”

user88071820008 chimed in: “Does anyone remember pinging on Blackberry?”

脓疱💕 expressed: “Dude, I’ve never had the chance to use 2go, my mom was so strict that I wasn’t even allowed a phone.”

Funny enough, OLALEKAN ✨ suggested: “If they’re under 15, they still won’t get it.”

babygirl💐 inquired: “What about Eskimo nko😂.”

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