Why we should work with APC and not the PDP or the Labor Party – NNPP

The National Secretary of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), Oladipupo Olayokun, says his party is not ready to work with the likes of Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Peter Obi of the Labor Party (LP) .

According to him, the NNPP would prefer to work with the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Explaining his party's position, Olayokun said the NNPP does not believe in opposition.

He added that the elections are over and governance is now current. Therefore, the NNPP has a responsibility to Nigerians to ensure that the ruling party does not fail.

Speaking during an interview with Punch, the NNPP writer said his party cannot stand by and allow President Bola Tinubu and the APC to make Nigerians suffer. Hence the need to work with the ruling party in the coming years through engagement and constructive criticism. in the interest of Nigerians.

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Responding to a question on whether his party would be willing to work with the likes of Atiku in the PDP and Peter Obi in the Labor Party, Olayokun said: “No, the NNPP does not believe in opposition. We believe in what we call constructive partnership. The elections are over; governance is now the most important thing. For us, whatever party we are going to partner with, even the APC, because if the APC fails the way they failed, that is, if they have not failed, every Nigerian will bear the brunt.

“As a political party, we cannot open our eyes and let Nigerians suffer. If the APC and Tinubu fail, then all of us, the political parties, will fail Nigerians. So, we must work with the government, provide constructive criticism and provide alternatives when necessary in the interest of Nigerians.

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“Are we allowing them to fail and Nigerians to suffer? You go to the market and see what Nigerians go through. So we have to work together with the government. We (the NNPP) will work with everyone and even the party in government to ensure that at least with the remaining three and a half years ahead of them, they do not subject Nigerians to suffering. We offer advice; if they want, let them take it. If they want, let them, but we won't cross our arms. So everyone must cooperate with the government in power, in the interest of the country.”

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