“Does the survival of the world hinge on Imo State’s elections?” – A question posed by the NLC have raised

According to the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC), it is not necessary for the forthcoming gubernatorial election, slated for November 11, 2023, to be conducted in Imo State.

Uchenna Ekwe, the NLC’s Head of International Relations, expressed this opinion during a Channels TV interview.

As per Ekwe, the people of Imo have experienced violence, and he believes the elections won’t yield any significant results.

He noted that the labor force in Imo lacks confidence in the potential impact of the upcoming elections.

Narrating his concerns Ekwe said, “Concerning the voting, particularly in Imo, are the ballots counted? How did Hope Uzodinma attain the governorship role? Is terror not prevalent in Imo?

“Visit Imo, challenge yourself, and you won’t find any other party’s banners; not even a single one. Gather information from your reporters in Imo and ask if anyone in Owerri’s streets has seen any other party’s posters.

“With the INEC meeting disrupted, and elections just around the corner, how can you expect successful voting with no guarantee? Workers too lack faith in the elections making significant changes; that’s the reality.

“We doubt that the Imo elections will hold any significant value, considering the violence that has taken over the place. It’s not that they don’t have the right to vote, but the fear prevents them.

“When violence forces people out of their homes before the polling day and attacks are daily occurrence, would you suggest your loved ones to step out? We never said people shouldn’t vote, but the fear is real that they won’t.”

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“In case if elections don’t occur in Imo, will it cause the world to collapse? Does the existence of the world rely on Imo State’s election? Certainly not; even if elections don’t happen, the world would still turn. We are not hindering the elections.”

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