Woman accidentally crashes brand new car immediately after purchasing it

Camera images show the moment when a South-African woman accidentally gets into a car accident right in front of the dealership where she bought her brand new car.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the moment a woman dropped a significant amount of money on a new car.

She was seen in a photo at the dealer's shop taking a photo while receiving the keys to her new Hyundai car.

Unfortunately, the joy of getting a new car turned sour almost immediately when the woman took it for a spin earlier drove the car straight into an iron fence.

The car crash has since sparked mixed reactions, as many wondered whether the woman even has a driver's license.

Reactions when woman with brand new car crashes immediately after purchase

tshepo_maphepha said: “She can't drive, and this time we shouldn't give the credit to the witches 🤭. The witches have done nothing wrong here.”

itu_nadia wrote: “Why was she driving so fast? Hi, I'm judging her, whoever taught her to drive probably told her that the car won't move if she doesn't use force on the pedal😭.”

lekoloanemanam2 commented: “You really can't buy a driver's license and then go straight to a dealer, but a car goes on the road without having taken a lesson. No roads.”

SciyadaSithole commented: “I've probably never touched a car. She should be happy that she didn't die, and have the patience to take driving lessons.'

Watch the video below…

She crashed her car as soon as she left the garage. 😭😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/zIR8Mn4JsZ

— Thenjiwe Kheswa (@kheswa_thenjiwe) December 7, 2023

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