“Women support women” – A video of a woman talking to her friend's groom on their wedding day is causing a lot of commotion online (view).

Infidelity appears to be on the rise among the so-called 'woke generation' as a video of a woman cheating on her friend's groom on their wedding day sparks online backlash.

The viral video shows the lady, dressed in black, reinterpreting the popular phrase 'Women supporting women' in her own unique way as she gets intimate with the groom.

The bride's friend and the groom have an intimate encounter, with the groom continuously grabbing the friend's backside while the bride is absent.

In an attempt to avoid being caught by the bride, the groom was heard telling his bride that the photographers were done as he discreetly caressed the back of the bride's friend.

When they heard the footsteps of the bride descending the stairs in her white wedding dress, they quickly separated, with enthusiastic cheers and good wishes, so that she remained unaware of their actions.

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Despite cheating on the groom moments earlier, the bride's friend was seen blushing and radiating joy in a gesture of support. She stood next to the groom, who her friend described as the best bride ever.

Watch the video below:

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@Tiopapito23: And they'll be shaking so much at the bridal shower and pretending to be happy for her.

@dimpledhanna: My gender, my gender! I can only have male close friends.

@ElvincineA: Regarding this… who doesn't have self-control?

@Almufassal: They are playing with my emotions. The bride will learn the hard way 😂🤌🏾.

@lappoosky: However, cheating is not a lifestyle.

@Elina_Ene: Isn't there only one man in the world? Why does it have to be your friend's husband? Crazy.

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