“Wunmi continued her revelation and stated that Mohbad had already died upon our arrival at the hospital.”

“In a heartbreaking twist, Cynthia Omowunmi Aloba, Mohbad’s widow, revealed the devastating truth that he was already dead when he reached the hospital.

Her detailed, three-hour testimony not only stunned the entertainment world, but also revealed the harrowing circumstances that led to the singer’s untimely death.

Wunmi’s account revealed that after expressing their discomfort, Mohbad’s friend DJ Bami and a nurse left the room. When she walked in, she was confronted with the chilling sight of Mohbad on the floor, adding a layer of sadness to the tragic story.”

Wunmi realized the seriousness of the situation and acted quickly. With Mohbad’s car in the repair shop, she urgently sought help from their neighbor. The urgency increased when a traffic jam delayed their journey to the hospital. Wunmi’s story turned bleak when the driver touched Mohbad’s hand and discovered its chilling coldness.

Desperation prompted them to hail a bicycle to rush Mohbad to the hospital. Upon arrival, Wunmi waited anxiously outside and was denied access to the ward. Moments later came the devastating news: Mohbad had died. In disbelief, she called Mohbad’s cousin Darosha to confirm the grim news. Despite Darosha’s attempt to transfer him to another hospital, it tragically proved too late.

This sad story deepens, as Naijalegit points out. Mohbad’s condition deteriorated after a nurse administered a tetanus injection, which resulted in death. The initial discomfort he felt immediately after the injection was the ominous harbinger.

Naijalegit further described a substantial altercation between Mohbad and Primeboy prior to the decline in his health, casting an additional shadow of suspicion over this tragic story.

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