Dino Melaye portrays Kogi State as a place of malevolence under Yahaya Bello’s rule

Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) representative for the forthcoming Kogi gubernatorial elections, Dino Melaye, has stated that Governor Yahaya Bello has turned the state into a “place of malevolence”.

The ex-senator from Kogi West claimed that the state government, overseen by the All Progressive Congress (APC), is instigating disorder and separation among the inhabitants of the state, mentioning that the people are in need of a savior.

Melaye expressed that Governor Bello has fostered disparity among the citizens, culminating in a call for separate ethnic interests.

During his appearance on Arise News on a Thursday evening, the PDP nominee stated his intention to reconcile the severely divided state.

In Melaye’s point of view, the gubernatorial election set for November 11 is a crucial event for the residents of the North-Central state.

His statement was: “Basically, this election is highly significant for all Kogi State residents as we currently live in precarious times. Our state is akin to a haunted jungle that desperately needs a path to salvation. Rectification and mitigation are imperative. A rescuer is inevitably needed.

“With divine assistance, I plan to play a significant role in rectifying the challenges our state is facing. It’s an unprecedented low point in the history of our state. The divisions among the people are deeper than ever. The pursuit of ethnic interests like that of the Igala, Okun, or Igbira, were previously unheard of.

“Abubakar Audu was once the governor and campaigned through his party, APP, which he leveraged to win the election. The Igala interest was never talked about. Similarly, if Ibrahim Idris was governor, he wouldn’t champion any Igala agenda; his focus would be on the PDP.

“Upon becoming governor, Wada didn’t espouse any Igala aspiration, unlike the APC which divided the state, and us as a people. The division is glaring. The concept of unity is absent and so, we, the PDP, aim to unify the people through our campaigns revolving around the slogan – One Kogi, One Destiny – emphasizing the unity and indomitable spirit we share as a people.”

Moreover, Melaye alleged four assassination attempts against him within the state, putting the blame on the ruling party.

Further on, he added, “I triumphed over four assassination attempts; I have been embroiled in a dozen legal battles with FG and found myself in unpleasant situations several times. Considering APC’s history of violence, such incidents aren’t unprecedented.”

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